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Stephen Lund’s cycle routes may appear random if you caught a glimpse of him cycling in the street, with random stops, circles and back tracking it wouldn’t look like your average cycle route. And when you see Stephen’s completed cycle route on GPS tracker you would realize that his journey was most certainly out of the ordinary.

The Canadian has an interesting hobby, he has a passion for creating cool GPS sketches whilst cycling through his hometown of Victoria. The visualized geo-data is then published on his cycle blog

Last year he created 70 drawings, varying from giraffes, written messages and Star Wars icons. Few of our favorite images are seen below.

89.7 km, 3 h 50 min


44.4 km, 1 h 56min


46.3 km, 2 h 17 min


95.5 km, 3 h 30 min


IMG: Stephen Lund

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