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Japan’s cherry blossom trees are world famous, providing a beautiful photo op. This is when to head to the country if you want to catch the trees in full bloom. 

For just a few days each year, Japan’s cherry blossom trees come into full bloom, providing a canopy of pink blossoms beloved by locals and visitors. With such a short time frame in which to see the trees adorned in their pink and white flowers, planning is key. Now, the Japan Meteorological Corporation has released its first forecast for when the flowers are likely to come into bloom in 2017.

The JMC predicts when the flowers will blossom for around 1,000 locations around Japan. According to their forecast, Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees will begin to flower on March 22 and come into full bloom on March 30; in Kyoto, the trees will flower on March 27 and come into full bloom on April 4; while in Osaka, the flowering date is expected to be March 28 with a flowering date of April 4. Check out the full blossom forecast here.

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