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According to numbers that have been released, selfies have killed more people in 2015 than shark attacks. The news has sparked a discussion around traveler’s safety and how far they will go to snap a perfect selfie.

The latest victim, a 66 year old Japanese tourist, has died after falling down stairs while attempting to take a selfie of the Taj Mahal.

Whilst deaths from shark attacks stand at 8, selfie related deaths are topping the chart at 12. The shockingly high number is a reminder to all tourists that putting your safety at risk for a photo could have tragic consequences.

Like the Japanese tourist, four of the twelve deaths were due to falling mid-selfie demonstrating that people are concentrating more on their phone than their surroundings when taking a photo. Secondary to falling, being hit or injured by a train is the next leading cause in selfie deaths – electrocution being a top killer.

Some landmarks and attractions have gone as far as banning selfies due to the risky behavior tourists are indulging in. Officials have closed Waterton Canyon Park in Denver, Colorado, due to the increasing number of selfies visitors are taking with bears.

Of course, the warning isn’t to stop taking selfies or photos whilst traveling, but rather be aware of your surroundings and only take a photo if you’re sure it is safe. If you would like tips to help you make the most of your traveling photos read our article How To: Get most out of your Smartphone Camera.

IMG: David Blackwell / Flickr cc.

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