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In today’s adorable animal news, after around 30 years as an endangered species this week saw some good news for the giant panda: thanks to population growth over the last decade, it’s off the list! 

The number of giant pandas in the world has increased by 17% since 2004, meaning that the iconic black and white species is no longer considered endangered.

So what’s changed? Well, the growth in the giant panda population is thanks in large part to the Chinese government and its reforestation efforts, especially when it comes to bamboo forests. Giant pandas eat a huge amount of bamboo – it makes up about 99% of their diet! – however they’ve been confined to increasingly smaller areas of bamboo forest due to human population growth.

The efforts have clearly paid off, as the giant panda has been moved from ‘endangered’ to ‘vulnerable’ status.

Captive breeding has also helped and only this weekend, baby giant panda twins were born in our very own Atlanta zoo!

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IMG: Giant Panda in the Snow, Smithsonian’s National Zoo / Flickr cc.

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