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Venezuela has more to boast than its famous (late) President Hugo Chavez and oil resources. It’s a country teeming with natural beauty and we’re going to show you just a tiny piece of it: Morrocoy.

Venezuela is a bit like Colombia in the 1990s: it has huge potential as a tourist destination with sublime landscapes but is plagued by urban crime and gang violence. But we want to show you a little corner of the country that shows just what this South American country has to offer. Venezuela’s Morrocoy National Park is simply paradise.

The park is located 125 miles west of Caracas, the capital. It’s easy to reach as long as you book a rental car. Endless white sand beaches, turquoise waters, coconut trees… just what you ordered, right?

The park includes a handful of deserted islands, called cayos too, with names like Borracho, Sombrero, Sal, Peraza, Playuela and Pelón. If you’re after a quiet and peaceful day without anyone else around, arrange with a local fisherman to take you out to one of these islands. Just make sure he comes back for you at the end of the day!


Packing tip: bring a pair of binoculars. The Gulf of Cuare, also part of the national park, is home to many different types of exotic and sea birds (ibis, flamingoes and more!).

Travel advice: Most travelers enjoy trouble-free visits to Velezuela when they book flights to Caracas. That being said, political rallies in the capital can be common around election times. Travelers are also advised not to travel within 50 miles of the Columbian border around Zulia, Tachira and Apure. Book your flights to Caracas and get the cheapest deal today.venezuela-beachvenezuela-paradisevenezuela-fishvenezuela-starfish

IMG: ruurmo, Edoardo Tacconi, pedroa88 / Flickr cc.

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