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If you’re hoping to grab a quick kebab on your next trip to Venice, you might be disappointed: the Italian city has voted to ban new kebab shops and fast food joints from opening in the city.

Venice is known for its picturesque architecture and historic beauty. In a bid to preserve this, the city has voted to ban the opening of new kebab shops and fast food restaurants.

According to Venice’s tourism chief, Paola Mar, the city hopes to “put the brakes on types of activities which are not compatible with the preservation and development of Venice’s cultural heritage.” Quoted in The Guardian, Mar also said that she hoped to promote local produce.

At the moment, it’s forbidden to eat takeaway food in Venice’s iconic St Mark’s Square, but the city is currently home to a small number of fast food outlets such as McDonald’s. However, the new law could put the brakes on any more being built in the future.

What do you think of the new measures?

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