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Sea, sand, sun, palm trees, coconuts… not all beaches are paradise! These are some of the world’s most dangerous beaches and best to be avoided on your next vacation.

Looks like sunstroke and sunburn are the least of your worries if you’re headed to one of these beaches.

Port Saint Johns – South Africa

South Africa has some really amazing beaches but if there’s one thing you have to watch out for… it’s sharks! These aren’t friendly sharks, they’re great white Carcharodon Carcharias. Also known as Jaws.Weißer Hai

Cairns and Darwin – Australia

Oz is also known for its shark attacks and every year at least one surfer gets bitten. But it’s not just sharks that swimmers need to be wary of in these waters. In the north, one sting from a Chironex Fleckeri, a deadly jellyfish, and you should be dialling 9-1-1.Quallen

New Smyrna and Virginia Beach – USA

Florida has plenty of sharks but in New Smyrna it’s the weather that swimmers and vacationers need to keep an eye out for. Winds have blown several swimmers away in recent years. If you’re sunbathing in Virginia Beach watch out for the wild foxes; they’ll bite!Florida

Marshall Islands – Pacific Ocean

In a little place called Bikini Atoll are some of the most toxic waters on the planet. All thanks to us, or at least the US government who decided to do nuclear tests in order to develop the A and H bombs. Fun fact: Bikini Atoll is home to Spongebob Squarepants!Marshallinseln

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

There’s one good reason not to go swimming in the rivers in central Brazil: piranhas. They may be small in size but they back a hefty bite. Their small teeth are designed to rip the flesh off their prey. As for Rio de Janeiro, avoid Copa Cabana Beach. Thieves are common so it’s best to look after your belongings.Flussufer in Brasilien

Don’t let these beaches put you off your next vacation, but maybe book a flight and try a city break instead?

IMG: Kaptain Kobold, theGrantPeters, Christian Haugen, Naufragio, Robert Huffstutter / Flickr cc.

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