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Hands up if you want your travel experience to be as smooth, simple and stress free as possible? We know we do! These innovative travel products have all been created with that in mind – and they’ve all been crowdfunded, meaning they’re something people genuinely want!   

Anything which makes the travel experience smoother and more enjoyable is a must in our books. There’s a wealth of products out there claiming to make life easier for those who travel – so many, in fact, it can be hard to know where to start and which to go for! We turned to crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo to seek out the best innovative travel products worth investing in.

The luggage: Nomatic travel bag

Billing itself as ‘the most functional travel bag ever’, the Nomatic travel bag comes from a company which took its first steps on Kickstarter. The result of careful planning and design, the Nomatic travel bag has been designed with a 3 – 7 day trip in mind. Weather proof and featuring a number of handy pockets and compartments, its the perfect carry on size and we think it looks pretty stylish too.

Nomatic travel bag crowdfunding

The fitness accessory: Monkii bars 2

Keeping fit on the road is a challenge for many of us – this could be the solution! Monkii bars are a lightweight bodyweight trainer which allow users to workout pretty much anywhere. Download the app and you’ll be able to practice hundreds of exercises wherever you are. Weighing in at just 9oz, they’re portable and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase either.

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The jet lag cure: AYO light therapy glasses.

These light-therapy glasses offer a number of benefits by working with an app on your smartphone to help you wake up feeling energized in the morning and alleviate jet lag! Entering your flight itinerary on the AYO app allows the glasses to synchronize with your trip, letting you know when to wear them in order to help your body clock adjust to the new time zone.

The portable charger: ASAP Dash

There’s no shortage of portable chargers out there, but this is set to be one with a difference. Billing itself as the “World’s Fastest Battery Pack”, ASAP Dash claims to charge up an iPhone 5 with 100% battery in just 5 short minutes. Available in multiple colors, at 6.3oz and 13mm thick one if its standout features is that it’s incredibly portable. Just what you want when you’re trying to comply with airline baggage regulations!


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The travel lock: AirBolt.

Keeping your belongings secure on the road is a common concern: that’s where the AirBolt comes in. Taking keeping your luggage safe to a whole new level, this little locking system works with your cell phone – it’s unlockable via Bluetooth. There’s also a host of other features, such as a gps location system (great if your bag goes astray) and an alarm which will go off once you’re a certain distance away from the lock, and your luggage.

IMG: Nomatic, Airbolt official website, Ayo Facebook page

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