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After waiving tourist visas for U.S., Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens during the Summer Olympics this year, Brazil is considering extending the scheme for a whole year!

At a tourism festival held in Brazil last week, the country’s Minister of Tourism, Marx Beltrão, announced plans to extend the tourist waiver program for a one year trial period.

Current visa fees to visit Brazil can be up to $160: emphasizing the importance of international tourism to the country, Beltrão drew on tourist spending during the Olympic Games – which reached $142 million – in outlining the potential benefits of the proposed visa waiver scheme.

Popular with visitors, Brazil is home to a number of iconic sights and cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and its world famous beaches, Christ the Redeemer and stunning nature in National Parks such as the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.

With the scheme slated to run for 12 months initially, approval is still needed from a number of government bodies.

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