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If you think planes are already a bit of a squeeze, you’re not going to be a fan of Emirates’ new jet which holds 615 passenger seats.

The jet beats the current record of 538 passenger seats held by Air France.

Emirates have removed their first class seating in order to make room for 13 more rows of 10 economy seats, meaning it is the first two-class A380 in the world.

The service will commence Dec 1 and fly between the Dubai and Copenhagen flight route.

IMG: Christian Junker l photography / Flickr cc.

2 responses to “Emirates’ new 615-seat jet

  1. the lay over in dubai is too long for flts to philippines i was looking into it but 37 hours brfore i get into mnl is too long asiana and eva airlines takes 22 hours philippine airlines is direct takes 16 hrs so i really dont understand why a 15 hours layover??

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment. is a search engine that allows you to find the best offers for your travels. is neither a travel agency, nor an airline company, and as such, does not sell anything directly. We search the best offers and then redirect you to our partner’s website, where the booking process takes place.

      Therefore, we would recommend contacting Emirates directly for information regarding their flight routes: you can find their contact information here:

      We hope this helps – have a great day!

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