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Are you looking to plan a family getaway this spring break? Choosing a destination can be difficult when you have many family members to take into consideration. Whether you want to keep your teen off her smart phone, tire out the toddler before bedtime or keep grandpa out of trouble, these are the best destinations to keep your family entertained.

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Traveling with a toddler

If you are traveling with young children you probably want a destination that is less crowded than the theme parks and something that is all inclusive to make your vacation as stress-free as possible. Beaches Turks & Caicos resort is an all-inclusive resort that has answered your prayers, they advertise their resort to be endless fun for “tots to tweens and teens”. There are activities for all ages and even provide a nanny service to give Mom and Dad a much needed

Traveling with a teen

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please, they’re at that troublesome age where they desperately want independence BUT are likely too young to handle it. Choosing a vacation which has the illusion of independence is key, a contained location where your teen can explore with friends but still in the safe confides of the resort. Smuggler’s Notch Resort offers a variety of outdoor adventures for all the family, and even special programs for teens. They also have a Teen Alley teen center for ages 13-19 which is centrally located in the village near other resort amenities. This is a great place for your teen to make friends and hang out with other kids their own age. The center boosts an interesting and varied program to keep your teen out of trouble they can choose from: Dodgeball, Airboard Slalom, Teen Karaoke, DJ Dance party and other activities.Teenagers skiing

Traveling with grandpa

Spring break may conjure up images of college students going wild on some party beach, but in fact, a spring break vacation is a good idea at any age. Many grandparents take vacations with their grandchildren, and what better time to go than spring break. Whether you are planning on traveling with just the grandchildren or parents too, there are plenty of great destinations for you. If you’re feeling brave you could take the kids to Disney World, Orlando, yes, it will be a mob scene but this means there’s plenty of spring break incentives. Plus Orlando is much more than just Disney World, you can balance the adult/children activities by exploring Orlando itself. The neighborhoods are lovely and with several fantastic gardens, nature preserves and museums which will provide you will a peaceful escape from the screaming children. Book a cheap flight to Orlando and have the time for your life.grandpa

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