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It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: you reach into your bag to grab some money to pay for a souvenir or some food, only to find it missing. While traveling is super safe on the whole, it pays to pay attention to your belongings and surroundings. Check out these 7 ways to keep your belongings safe while traveling.

Wear A Money Belt

A travel essential, wearing a money belt may not be stylish but it’s worth doing to make sure you keep hold of all your valuables! Especially useful if you want to take a nap on public transport – on an overnight train, for example – wearing a concealed money belt will help to keep your valuables safe and out of reach.

Keep Your Valuables On You

If you’re traveling by train or bus, keep your valuables on you rather than putting them in the hold or on luggage racks. Knowing where they are and keeping them where you can see them will not only go towards ensuring their safety, it’ll also put your mind at ease too.

Girl on train

Keep Cash In Multiple Locations

When traveling with larger amounts of cash, keeping it in two or three different places will help to ensure that if you do get pick pocketed, you won’t lose all your money in one go.

Use Lockers Or A Safe

When choosing where to stay, pick somewhere which offers either lockers or a safe. You’ll then be able to store your valuables away with peace of mind, and won’t need to worry about them while you’re out exploring your destination!

Hostel lockers

Use A Secure Bag

Especially when in a crowded area, such as at a festival or on the subway, choosing a bag which can be zipped up or securely fastened is a wise choice.

Travel With Travel Insurance

Insurance is an essential when it comes to traveling. If your valuables are stolen or lost, you could end up forking out a whole lot less to replace them than if you travelled insurance free! Remember to check the small print to ensure you’re covered for all likely situations.

Lock Your Suitcase

If you’re flying to your destination, locking your suitcase or holdall is one reliable way to ensure nobody is able to get into your bag while you can’t see it. If you’re traveling by sleeper train, you can also lock your bag to the luggage racks, making sure to also lock the bag so nobody can get in.

Suitcase at the airport

What are your tips for keeping your valuables safe while traveling?


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