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You have long been able to find unique and unusual accommodation on Airbnb, however you can now also book your airline tickets thanks to Lufthansa! 

The German airline is selling tickets on flights between Frankfurt to NYC, in a listing titled “Luxury Awaits Above the Clouds”. For around $800, you can book yourself a ‘couch’ in a ‘shared room’ – which translates as a seat in premium economy on a Lufthansa plane.

The property description states that “Our cabin isn’t in the woods, but in the sky!”. There is a personal food and beverage service, while guests can also take advantage of the included multimedia entertainment and availability of WiFi.

So what’s really on offer? With their tongue in cheek Airbnb listing, Lufthansa are selling a round trip from Frankfurt to New York City for travel between 08.23.2016 – 12.15.2016. The seats are in their premium economy class and are listed for around $800 – significantly cheaper than the price listed on their official website, it could be a great way to save some cash!

What do you think of the airline’s unique use of Airbnb?  

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