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This month, full time traveler and entrepreneur Scott Eddy is sharing his travel advice and expertise with us in a series of guest blogs for Today’s post is all about travel inspiration, as he shares how he stays inspired to keep exploring and traveling the world!

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Scott Eddy vineyard  travel inspiration

How Do You Get Inspired to Travel?

For me, traveling is much more than just seeing a new place or crossing a destination off my bucket list. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the world and to have experiences that many people dream about, which has led me to think about a number of times what gets me motivated to hit the road again. Here are a few thoughts I’ve come up with when thinking about what inspires me to explore new locations.

1. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures

Seeing landscapes and nature is a part of travel, but it is not as important to me as meeting new people and seeing how other cultures navigate our world. It’s a way to learn more about our history as humans and to relate to others. I believe that travel makes me a better person and opens my mind—something that no other activity can do. The connections I make while traveling tend to last a long time and tend to be relationships I turn back to time and time again.

Scott Eddy travel inspiration

2. New country butterflies

Visiting a new country never fails to astound me. Seeing how different one place is from another is another reason I continue to travel. The excitement of visiting a new place for the first time thrills me and I find it addicting. I never get tired of knowing I am seeing a place I haven’t before and the first impression it will make. This drives me to keep going and continue my journey.

3. “Normal life” scares me

When I start to think about a “normal life,” it doesn’t give me a sense of security. In fact, it freaks me out more thinking about having that stability for myself. I enjoy not knowing exactly what is around the corner, and the thought of sitting in an office all day fills me with a sense of dread. Everyone has to live their own style of life, but for me, I have a hard time imagining staying in one place for too long. Knowing that lifestyle is not for me is one of the greatest motivators to continually book tickets to new locations.

Scott Eddy underwater travel inspiration

Travel is not always easy, and sustained travel can wear on you if you’re not careful. But for me, the reasons to travel are far more than the reasons not to—which is reason enough for me to keep going.

IMG: Shutterstock; C/o Scott Eddy

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