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This month, full time traveler and entrepreneur Scott Eddy is sharing his travel advice and expertise with us in a series of guest blogs for Today, he lets us in on his top travel tips and how he keeps going when on the road. After all, who better to ask for travel advice than someone who’s seen and experienced it all?!

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What I’ve Learnt from Traveling Full Time

Traveling full time is a lifestyle choice that can both challenge and be addictive. However, it is not without its difficulties—especially when you find yourself wishing for some time to rest! Here’s how I continue to keep going and heading to new locations.

1. Know when to relax

While traveling full time can be exciting, it can also be exhausting. I try to make sure that I have some time in each place to relax and do something for myself. Whether it’s a nice meal or taking a nap in the afternoon, I try and find a way to make sure I am getting enough rest so I can enjoy the following days.

2. Get to know the locals

Traveling alone can be incredibly isolating. When you’re starting to feel those traveling blues, hanging out with some locals can remind you how cool of a location you are in. They can also show you some of the best places to eat. Meeting new friends is an important part of travel, and you want to be open to seeing the world through a new set of eyes.

3. Take lots of pictures

When traveling all the time, you can often forget to capture the moment you are in. You’re going to want the pictures for later, though—so don’t forget to snap a few so you can show others at home all the fun you are having.  

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Tips For The Amateur Traveler

Most everyone wants to travel more often, but if it is your first time booking a flight to a new location, you might be terrified. Between making sure your itinerary is well-organized and dealing with foreign customs, it can be difficult to make sure everything goes as planned. Here are some trips I’ve picked up as a full time traveler that can help you on your journey.

1. Plan well in advance

While more experienced travelers might literally fly by the seat of their pants, those who are traveling for the first time might want to take things a little more slowly and make sure everything is in order. Book a few months before your trip in order to ensure that your hotels, flights, and tours are all ready for you when you arrive.

2. Carry all your emergency information with you and make photocopies

Before you board your plane, you’ll want to print out your emergency info and have it in an easily accessible place. Also, make sure to photocopy several copies of your passport just in case it happens to get stolen. Having these extra copies might not help to get you out of the country, but they can be used to stay at a hotel if you need to have your passport renewed while traveling. (Knowing where the nearest embassy is also doesn’t hurt.)

3. Pack light, but think it through

One of the biggest mistakes newbie travelers make is over-packing. While it’s nice to have some of the comforts from home, you often don’t need to take your entire wardrobe with you in order to feel comfortable. Pack what you know you will absolutely need and what you can wear multiple times and leave the “special occasion” outfit at home.

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As with any activity, practice makes perfect. After following these tips, you’ll be traveling like a pro in no time!

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