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As of yesterday summer is officially over. You’ve enjoyed your summer holiday and it is now but a distant memory. However with another season comes another vacation (that’s how it works – right?) Whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation or something on the cheap – we’ve got your back.

The financial services firm UBS has published its report “Prices & Earnings 2015” (“2015 Prices & Income”) which carried out a study comparing wages and the cost of living (including services such as restaurant, hotels and city breaks.)

We’ve listed some highlights below so you know which cities are best aligned with your requirements.

A weekend getaway

On average a city break costs $615*, Zurich and Geneva cost 70% and 65% more respectively than the average, making them the most expensive.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheaper destination, try flights to Bangkok, Bucharest, Sofia or Bombay. You can have a weekend city break for less than $320 for two people.

* The cost of a city break was for two people, with an overnight stay in a first-class hotel, two dinners at a restaurant including a bottle of wine, a taxi ride, and two tickets for public transportation, a rental car (100 km), a paperback book, a phone call and postage for a letter. The prices listed do not include travel to and from the destination.

Hotels and restaurants

The USB reports some of the cheapest destinations for hotels would be Bucharest ($110*) Mumbai ($170), Bangkok ($190) and Budapest ($210.) In comparison, the most expensive hotels are situated in New York City ($590), Tokyo ($500) and Shanghai ($470.)

Let’s talk about restaurants! New Deli, Prague, Vilnius ($40**) are among the cheapest destinations to grab a slap up meal. Whilst in Tokyo you will be splashing out $220 for a meal of the same standard.

*The price for a hotel room factors in a one-night stay in a double room with an ensuite bathroom, including breakfast for two people, in a first-class international hotel.
**The price of an evening meal includes a three-course menu in a good restaurant, with an entrée, main course, and dessert, excluding beverages but including a service


When on holiday, getting around can be quite expensive. Because the city is unfamiliar for tourists, they are more likely to use a taxi service rather than figure out the rubric cube that is public transport.
Taking a cab in Oslo ($32.10*) and Zurich ($27.59) is expensive so it would be worthwhile cracking the public transport system in those cities.Oslo taxi

*Prices for a taxi include a five-kilometer ride during the day within city limits, including a service tip.
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